Innovation & R&D team

Since its creation in 1950, it has always been essential for Flexico to remain at the leading edge of innovation.

Our goals:

To establish the industry standards of tomorrow
by innovating either on the product or on the process.

To enrich customers’ experience by offering
them a competitive edge with unique and tailor-made solutions.

Our approach:

Listening to our customers, observing end-users, monitoring market developments, anticipating consumer trends in order to offer competitive and attractive products.

  • Innovation holds a special place in group strategy, with the aim of ensuring everything is in place to capture and promote our employees’ ideas.
  • All our teams are proactively working on specific projects with the support of Marketing/Sales/R&D workshops.
  • To drive and structure our approach, the group employs 20 engineers and technicians working entirely on processes of innovation

Our R&D team is organised around 4 skills sets:

It is this «approach to innovation » that makes us the setter of standards in our markets. This is illustrated by our impressive portfolio of brands and patents (over 300).