Our expertise

Flexico has 60 years of experience in plastics, based on the knowledge and skills of the employees in its 7 factories. This know-how means we can offer our customers quality products, whether they are standard catalogue products or tailor-made solutions.

Transformation of plastics

  • Extrusion

As one of its 2 core businesses, Flexico masters extrusion of profiles and single-layer or co-extruded films to ensure we provide our customers with a transparent, regular and resistant product. In addition, for profile extrusion, our teams design and manufacture their own tools with extreme precision for consistency during the production process.

  • Injection Moulding

Flexico uses injection moulding to manufacture some Merchandising and POS Accessories solutions with complex shapes. This technology is suitable for small and larger production runs, and thus enables us to offer tailor-made and standard products. As for extrusion, Flexico masters the whole supply chain: product design, mould design and manufacture, finished product.

Product customisation:

  • Artwork

Artwork is a key stage in the design of a tailor-made product. It enables our customers to promote their business, their brand, their product and enhance visibility on the shelves. Depending on the nature of the product to customise, Flexico uses 2 types of process: printing (flexographic, offset, digital, etc.) and engraving. In both cases, Flexico provides its customers with advice and services to ensure a result which complies with their specifications.

  • Converting & shaping

Flexico also offers Converting & shaping, a final but crucial step in the manufacture of plastic products. For packaging, Flexico’s expertise lies in the art of making bags with a closure. When the film is converted into a bag, Flexico accurately inserts one of its 5 closure systems (Sensogrip®, Zipgrip® or Minigrip® zipper, slider, drawstring or adhesive flap), and adds various options and accessories.

For Merchandising and POS Accessories, Flexico cuts, assembles and hot-folds.

  • Cutting, a flexible, automated process, combines speed and productivity to obtain a large number of parts of varying and complex shapes.
  • Assembly and hot-folding demand high regularity and strong operator expertise to deliver quality and competitive products.

Mastering these types of operations offers flexibility in the manufacture of tailor-made products.