Our corporate social responsibility

Aware of the impact of our business on the environment, Flexico acts as a responsible company right through the life cycle of our products.

Industrial responsibility

As a plastics business, Flexico has set a triple objective:
  • To control the consumption of fossil-based raw materials
  • To control energy consumption
  • To recover production waste
At each stage in production, plastics consumption is monitored and optimised. Substantial efforts have been made over the past few years to reduce the consumption of energy, particularly by means of gains in productivity. When waste is generated, it is sorted for:
  • Regeneration and reuse in production,
  • Or recycled externally for the manufacture of other products such as carpets, plastic furniture, etc.

Design responsibility

As an innovative company, Flexico integrates eco-design thinking into the design of all new products. The goal is to bring to market products that are « fair and smart ».

Our R&D department is working on 4 levers of action:

  • Reduce : Flexible, plastic packaging enables savings through weight. Merchandising and POS product packaging is optimised to reduce transport and storage costs.
  • Recycle : Using recyclable products by preferring single-material products and supporting recycling operations.
  • Safe : Using raw materials that are not harmful to the environment or to the health of users.
  • Re-use : Making packaging reusable and reclosable, so as to extend the lifespan of the bag and reduce its impact on the environment (one of Flexico’s priorities).

Development of renewable-origin plastics Flexico offers plastics that originate from renewable sources, such as sugar cane, maize and vegetable oils.

Social responsibility

As a member of Elipso*, Flexico plays an active role in the fight against visual pollution, via 2 major initiatives:

Combat illegal dumping by promoting the right behaviour through communication campaigns to raise citizens’ awareness of the right gestures, including sorting, on holidays and at home.

Combat marine litter by raising the awareness of boat owners of cleanliness and sorting to preserve the marine environment and give a second life to plastic products.


As a member of the Save Food initiative, Flexico offers concrete solutions for reducing food waste:

  • Resealable packaging allows consumers to better preserve food once the packaged has been opened (air & hygiene protection).
  • Our merchandising solutions promote better product rotation and help to reduce the number of out-of-date products on the shelves.

* French plastic and flexible packaging association : http://www.elipso.org/