Our strategy

For more than 60 years, our group has been an international player in both its businesses:

Packaging and Merchandising/POS

For each one, we design and manufacture innovative solutions to enhance and promote the customers products.

In order to provide a competitive and truly different range, our strategy is based on several pillars:


Industrial expertise

As a company 100% integrated in Europe and Asia, our industrial expertise covers the entire creation process: R&D, product design, design of moulds and dies, industrialisation and production. This mastery and expertise are the basis for the performance of our products at our 7 industrial sites.


In the markets where we operate, our customers have to face tough competition. We have chosen to offer our customers a competitive edge through innovation. Detecting consumer trends and anticipating the market means we can offer relevant and intelligent solutions based on practicality, functionality and cost optimisation. For Flexico, the product and the production processes are our two avenues for innovation.

Privileged relationship with our customers

For more than 60 years, more than 15 000 customers have trusted us with their projects. Our commercial approach is based on a partnership where advice and exchange of information are at the heart of the relationship, with both standard and bespoke products being offered.

International Development and Entrepreneurship.

The dynamic nature of our group has been highlighted by the opening of several new business entities in Eastern Europe. We now have presence in Europe, Asia and Oceania and we export around the globe. In 2012, the development of Flexico accelerated as each country now has offerings in both POS and Packaging markets.