Our history

Flexico have over 60 years experience of the plastics industry, and fully utilises the knowledge and skills of all employees in its 7 factories. This knowledge allows us to offer our customers quality products, whether they are off-the-shelf items or bespoke solutions.


  • Flexico was founded by Etienne Moulin in La Courneuve (France).
    His profession : closure profiles manufacturer.


  • Headquarters and factory move to Hénonville, Oise (France)
  • Production of Minigrip® bags starts, plastic bags with integrated zip closure

Development of industrial expertise

  • A new factory is built in France – Maignelay-Montigny, Oise
  • Innovations in terms of process and plastics (positioning of the slider, cast polypropylene)

Arrival of the new generation

  • Isabelle Moulin joins the family company
  • New factory built in Brussels, Belgium

Diversification of business

  • Launch of the Zipgrip® closure for filling machines, household packaging for private labels, Hang Tabs® adhesive hooks
  • Set up in Spain (Sales office & factory) and in China (sales office)

International development of the company

  • Acquisition of 2 manufacturers: Moreau, based in Lons le Saunier (France) and ASF, based in Altdorf (Germany)
  • Launch of the POS Accessories business in Benelux (acquisition of 2 companies) and in China
  • 7 new subsidiaries opened: United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Poland and Australia
  • A fair-trade company, Flexico launches a range of ecological films (C20, biodegradable)

New dimension

  • Arrival of Laurent Musitelli as CEO of the Flexico group and minority shareholder
  • Chinese partnership strenghtened through a joint venture, including a brand new factory
  • Extension of the POS Accessories business in France, Germany, Spain and Romania
  • Launch of a complementary business in Europe: Merchandising solutions
  • R&D department strengthened and faster innovation including:
    • Zipgrip® clicky zipper and Sensogrip® closure
    • The smart roller® and basket lift