Exceptional 30% discount on the entire range of PE soft touch* slider bags.
Intuitive and accessible to all, the slider closure remains a popular classic in terms of reclosable packaging.
It offers the features that meet the expectations of today’s society : ideal for travel, aesthetic, practical, quick
to close.
The tactile « peach skin » effect and the translucent appearance of PE soft touch will enhance your
products. Flexico’s slider bags are reusable and recyclable**. The wide size range will meet all your needs.

Width (W) x Depth (D)
ITM031606 125 x 90
ITM031607 180 x 110
ITM031601 200 x 150
ITM031603 240 x 320
ITM031602 250 x 170
ITM031604 320 x 230
ITM031605 360 x 250

Width (W) x Depth (D)
+ Bottom Gusset (BG) :
ITM031608 220 x 115 + 20
ITM031609 265 x 280 + 30
ITM031610 350 x 450 + 30

*This offer is available until the 30. june 2022, while stocks lasts .Bags cannot be returned or exchanged. ** The plastic slider (POM) is usually not recyclable but it does not affect the bag’s recyclability.

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