Packaging plays an essential – not to say primary – role in the relationship between the consumer and the product. Just like the first lines of a book, the packaging is what must make the consumer want to go further.

Clearer packaging

The visual is a fundamental aspect in the marketing strategy of a packaging. Shape, color, logo, calligraphy, etc. All these elements make the packaging. In general, the consumer is more attracted by the packaging than by the product itself. A package that catches the eye is a package that reaches the desired target in a few seconds. However, the target group is becoming more and more sensitive to clear and precise signage. Quality labels or symbols such as “Vegan”, “Recyclable”, “Gluten-free” must be highlighted in such a way that the consumer directly grasps the information they are looking for.

At a time when transparency and traceability are demanded by consumers, the major industrial groups are trying to respond to this call by providing clearer and more explicit packaging. It is by listening to consumers’ expectations that we can provide packaging that is better adapted to their needs.

Recyclable and eco-designed packaging

This demand for more precise and clearer information is also observed among consumers when the issue of recycling comes into play. Today, “97% of French people rank “100% recyclable packaging” in 1st place of the mentions synonymous with the best respect for the environment”. At Flexico, we offer single-material pouches that are fully recyclable – including the closure system – and we work every day to improve the recycling of complex pouches. For major brands, recycling is a turning point: consumers will no longer hesitate to switch to other companies if the business strategy does not align with their environmental values.

For example, the British brand A2 Milk is the first major dairy brand to offer fully recyclable cardboard bottles. Even if plastic bottles are, today, mostly recyclable, many efforts are still to be proven by the manufacturers. By making sorting easier for the consumer, the aim is to gain the loyalty of customers who want to opt for a more responsible and sustainable consumption system.

Innovative packaging

A packaging appreciated by the consumer is a packaging easy to use. The ergonomics of the packaging is therefore closely studied by the teams in charge of designing the packaging. The Sensogrip and Zipgrip closure systems developed by Flexico are examples of this: with simplified opening and closing technology, the product no longer risks losing its nutritional and taste qualities. It is thanks to this innovative packaging that we can effectively fight against food waste.

Safegrip technology is also one of Flexico’s major innovations. The idea is to keep children away from unwanted consumption by making the opening system more complex. This system is used in particular for products that are dangerous for children (tobacco, detergents, medicines, etc.). Thanks to this invention – hailed by the Packaging Oscar in 2017 – Flexico affirms its desire to make packaging suitable for every consumer profile.

More connected packaging

Innovation also means connected packaging that offers a unique experience to each consumer. The act of buying is no longer a simple transaction, the consumer needs to find meaning and be surprised by his experience in store. This is why brands are betting heavily on new technology and its prowess! For example, “9% of consumer product packaging launched in Asia Pacific contains a QR code.” The QR code, inserted on the packaging, allows to change the relationship of consumption to the product: by proposing animations in augmented reality, challenges or contests, the brand arouses the interest of the consumer and builds loyalty of a clientele charmed by this new form of advertising.

This is what the multinational Coca-Cola has understood, offering Snapchat QR codes on its Fanta “Fruit Twist” cans: by scanning the small code with your phone or tablet, you can unlock new Snapchat filters. It’s the quest for the new, the exclusive, the original! The customer becomes more excited about scanning the code than consuming the drink. However, this technology has its limits: if the experience is not very exciting, it can generate a real loss of customers for the brand concerned… Being innovative, yes, but only if it has been well thought out beforehand.

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