The French company Flexico® has been specializing in the manufacture of plastic packaging for nearly 70 years. The bags created by Flexico® are recognized for their intrinsic properties of resistance and watertightness that favor the preservation and conservation of packaged products, but also for the conditions in which they are manufactured.

For the famous “French quality”

French quality from the supply of raw materials, through manufacturing, controls, packaging and storage, to shipping. Nothing is neglected in order to guarantee a constant level of quality. The continuous training of the staff allows us to guarantee the professionalism as well as the respect of the quality, hygiene and safety standards.

A renowned and qualified company

With an international presence, more than 350 patents registered, 4 factories in operation and a turnover in line with its expertise, Flexico® is one of the French references in the plastics industry. Its two business segments (bags and closures) adapt to the evolution of techniques and uses with a product offer that is constantly adapted to customer expectations.

Respect of the standards in force

In order to guarantee the quality of its plastic bags, Flexico® complies with the numerous controls in force to ensure compliance with French and international safety standards (ISO, BRC, official European regulations, etc.). The company makes it a point of honour to respect all these controls because it knows the importance of a certified production approved by the national and international community. By transparently displaying its participation in technical and sanitary inspections, Flexico guarantees its customers a reliable and safe range.

A special focus on innovation

Innovation is at the heart of Flexico®’s commercial strategy. One example is the launch of “Safegrip®”, which protects young consumers from dangerous products such as detergents, medicines, fertilizers or batteries.

For a local manufacture turned towards the international

By continuing to develop its commercial activity in France and consolidating its international development, the objective of Flexico® is to develop its visibility abroad while remaining very attached to its proximity to local customers.

The combined advantages of proximity and international exposure

Local production undeniably favors proximity to customers thanks to experts who are close to customers and who listen to them. Transport times and costs are reduced, allowing orders to be staggered and packaging stocks to be reduced. On the other hand, the confrontation with the biggest international actors forces a constant vigilance to position on the market the French quality in the guarantee of the standards and the international norms.

For a production that cares and respects the environment

As more and more people speak out against the use of plastic, the time has come to address new consumer concerns: designing recyclable and reusable packaging

Towards 100% recyclable products?

Flexico®’s closure systems are already 100% recyclable, as they are made from a single material. Flexico® accompanies the evolution of single-material plastic bags by developing closure systems compatible with the new complex recyclable films that are being developed by the plastic film industry.

Significantly reduced CO2 emissions

Beyond this growing recycling policy, the advantage of buying French products, for manufacturers active in the territory, is to participate in the reduction of the carbon footprint. The fight against atmospheric pollution is a real issue that the plastics industry has now fully integrated into its processes.

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