On horizontal machines, the film is folded so that the fold is at the bottom. As the feeding is horizontal, the bags are then sealed laterally by vertical bars, and opening devices spread the top edges allowing the product to be filled. These are then sealed, separated, and (sent on the conveyor) discharged at the end of the machine.

The film is formed at the same time as the zipper is inserted. The contents is then filled and the bag is sealed. HFFS machines are ideal to pack food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

The in-line zipper application is ideal for stand-up pouches (stand-up, such as Doypack bags…)

Advantages of HFFS machines:

  • Increased production speed
  • Better finish and quality of the bags
  • More complex bag shapes
  • Possibility of aseptic packaging
  • Production speed (making 2 bags at the same time at an average of 60 bags/min)

Find zippers compatible with HFFS machines

Single track zipper

Low temperature sealing

Easy Crush zipper

Tactile & sound effects

Zip Clicky®

Classic closing system

Classic PE zipper

PP plastic closure system

PP zipper

High temperature resistance

Pasteurization & Sterilization

Zipper for paper film

Paper Zipper

Sealable for PE & PP layer

Zipper for PE and PP layer

Strong internal force

X-force zipper

Multitrack zipper

Pour, dose and preserve


Low temperature sealing

Sensogrip® Easy Crush

Mirror effect

Sensogrip® & Zippiz®

Zipper for PE & PP film

Sensogrip® for PE & PP layer

Strong internal force

Sensogrip® X-force