The FFS machines allow the bags to be Formed, Filled and Sealed on the same machine;

The vertical version (VFFS) allows the film to be converted around a forming collar, resulting in a tube to which a closure can be added. The tube is then filled and cutting and sealing jaws form, seal and detach the bag.

The vertical machine is ideal for bulk products such as grated cheese, confectionery, nuts, frozen vegetables, snacks, powder, granulated products and even liquids, salad leaves, cereals, meat and poultry.

Find the zippers compatible with VFFS machines

Single track zipper

Low temperature sealing

Easy Crush zipper

Tactile & sound effects

Clicky® zipper

Classic locking system

Classic PE zipper

Sealable on PP layer

PP zipper

Zipper for paper layer

Paper Zipper

High temperature resistante

Pasteurization & Sterilization

Front opening

Front Zipper

High internal strength

X-force Zipper

Sealable on PE and PP layer

PE & PP layer

Multitrack zipper

Sensory system with longitudinal application

Sensogrip® & Zippiz® zipper

Sensory zipper low temperature sealing

Sensogrip® Easy Crush

Pour and dose the content


Front opening

Sensogrip® Front Zipper

Sensory zipper strong internal force

Sensogrip® X-force

Sensory zipper sealable on PE and PP layer

Sensogrip® PE & PP layer