Packaging that combines safety and environmental friendliness!

We are delighted to be part of Soupline’s wonderful project to create an eco-friendly packaging using our Safegrip® closure system.

The packaging has been designed to minimize its impact on the environment. It features a resealable flexible Doypack pouch, which is reusable. There has been a significant reduction in the amount of plastic used (72% less plastic compared to a regular bottle), while maintaining the high quality of Soupline products. Additionally, the packaging offers space-saving benefits for transportation and storage.

The Safegrip® zip closure system used is specifically designed and adapted for child safety. It includes a thumb notch that discourages children from opening the bags, thereby protecting them from hazardous substances.

The testimonials

Home tester club

“The packaging is practical, and the airtight closure is very secure, which is a great feature for people with young children. The product is environmentally friendly, eco-conscious, with 0% water and a 72% reduction in plastic. It helps to prevent waste.”

Clotilde, mother of Théo

“I feel reassured when my 2-year-old son holds the bag in his hands. With this system, he can’t open it himself.”


“Less plastic and proven effectiveness: a winning combination that appeals to the French! A reduction in plastic compared to the weight used for a 650ml bottle.”

Discover our Safegrip® solution

The patented Safegrip® closure solution ensures the safety for children under 6 years old. The opening technique, which requires thumb insertion, discourages and prevents them from accessing the contents of the packaging. This multi-track profile provides a tactile and audible effect, guaranteeing secure closure.

Our patented Safegrip® solution integrates the closure system and welding device to make the entire package inaccessible to children.

Our closure profiles are 100% monomaterial and recyclable.


The Safegrip® closure system is suitable for all activities.

Our Safegrip® closure system has always provided different markets with a child-friendly closure solution. This zipper is ideal for both hazardous and non-edible products, making them inaccessible to children.

Discover the Safegrip® opening steps :

At Flexico, we prioritize local employment with our various production factories in France, Germany, and Spain, to always be closer to our customers. Our workshops are BRCGS certified, and our Safegrip® closure is approved for food contact.

Choose flexible pouch solutions that generate less plastic and promote space-saving benefits for transportation and store shelves.

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