Flexico® manufactures and markets pouches of different shapes and sizes for a variety of applications and markets.

We customize our bags to attain our customers requirements.

Our bags are designed to integrate very small, light and fragile objects such as jewelry or heavy and bulky products.

After studying the specifications of one industrial customer, specialized in the metalworking and special steels sector, we offered them large bags (1×2 meters) with a metal slider closure for the transport of their metal plates. Indeed, as the parts are transported by sea and are very heavy and voluminous : they must be protected during transport and must be contained in a solid package that cannot be opened under pressure.

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The solutions for the industrial market

Minigrip® Original
Recycled Minigrip®
Bio-based Minigrip®
Nos grands sachets pour nos machines de conditionnement Joker
Joker® line bags
Joker® machine

All the specific markets



nos emballages cosmétique avec nos sachets curseur

Hygiene, health & beauty

Nos emballages médicaux


Nos emballages recyclés et biosourcés pour bijou et joaillerie



emballage et sachet pour outils et vis

DIY & hobbies

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