Flexible and resealable packaging solutions for shipping and mailing

Welcome to Flexico, your French resealable and flexible packaging company dedicated to the protection and security of your products during shipping and mailing. We offer innovative packaging solutions, tailored to your specific needs, with high quality resealable and flexible pouches, offering two types of closures: repositionable and permanent.

The benefits of resealable and flexible pouches

Our resealable and flexible pouches are designed to meet a variety of packaging requirements. Their flexibility means they easily adapt to the shape of your products, optimising space and reducing shipping costs. In addition, they are made from strong and durable materials, providing optimum protection against impact, moisture and dust.

Pouches with repositionable tab

Our repositionable pouches are the ideal solution for situations where repeated opening and closing of the pouch is required. Thanks to their innovative closure technology, these bags can be opened and closed as many times as required without losing their grip. They are ideal for :

  • Product returns or exchanges: make returns management easier by providing your customers with resealable bags.
  • Sending samples: your customers will be able to open and close the bag without compromising the quality of the product.
  • Products requiring regular access: for products that need to be used and stored frequently, such as spare parts or office supplies.

Bags with a permanent self-adhesive flap

If security and tamper-evidence of the contents is your priority, our permanent flap bags are the ideal solution. Once sealed, these bags cannot be opened without damaging the seal, ensuring the protection and integrity of your products during transit. These bags are ideal for :

  • Valuable products: protect your luxury or high-value items from theft or unauthorised handling.
  • Sensitive products: Ensure the security of sensitive products, such as medicines, medical devices or electronic products.
  • Confidential documents: keep your important documents confidential by using tamper-evident bags for shipping.

At Flexico, we are committed to providing quality packaging solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. We pride ourselves on our expertise and know-how in the design and manufacture of flexible, resealable bags for shipping and mailing. Our team is available to advise and guide you in choosing the most appropriate packaging solutions for your needs.

Customisation and tailor-made options

We understand that every business has specific packaging needs. That’s why we also offer customisation options for our flexible and resealable pouches. You can choose from a range of materials, sizes and colours to create unique and attractive packaging that reflects your brand image. In addition, we offer custom printing services to add logos, messages or product information directly onto the bags.

Commitment to the environment

At Flexico we are aware of the environmental impact of the packaging industry and are committed to reducing our environmental footprint. We offer environmentally friendly packaging options, made from recycled or biodegradable materials, without compromising the quality and performance of our pouches.
Please contact us to discuss your packaging needs and find out how our flexible and resealable pouch solutions can make your shipments and consignments easier and safer. Our expert team is ready to help you find the ideal packaging solution for your business.

Solutions for services and shipments

Self-adhesive bags
100% recycled adhesive flap
Self-adhesive bags
Bag for remote and phone
Self-adhesive bags
PP adhesive flap
Zipper bag
Custom bags

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Un assortiment de bijoux et montres emballés dans des sachets plastiques refermables, disposés sur une table, illustrant les solutions d'emballage écoresponsables pour la joaillerie.


Sachets refermables Flexico contenant des vêtements, illustrant des solutions d'emballage souple et refermable pour l'expédition et l'envoi de produits. Les sachets offrent une protection optimale contre les chocs, l'humidité et la poussière.


Une variété d'outils de plomberie et de pièces mécaniques, tels que des joints, des écrous et des raccords, rangés dans des sachets plastiques refermables pour une organisation et une protection optimales.


Une sélection d'outils et de petites pièces de bricolage rangés dans des sachets plastiques refermables, mettant en évidence les solutions d'emballage durables et pratiques de Flexico.

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