Doypack® bags

The Doypack® bag is a preformed packaging which has both the features and advantages of rigid containers (stability, ease of use, presentation) and flexible packaging (economy, very small size before and after use, ease of use). The container is flexible and perfectly stable, thanks to the original shape of its base.

The Doypack® bag is an essential solution for consumer products (food, DIY, hygiene, health, beauty), industry (food, medical, fashion, technology) and services (tourism, business services).

Its specific shape allows the bag to remain in an upright position, making it easier to display on the shelf or to store. As Reclosable and reusable features, this packaging offers a truly mobile solution, accessible to all consumers.

The Doypack® range of bags is available with a variety of zipper fastening options:

  • Clicky® with a tactile and acoustic effect
  • Sensogrip® with an intuitive closure

We offer different sizes from 100ml to 5000ml and laminated films in paper, PE, aluminium, PET…
A complete range of standard product is available on stock. It is also possible to customise the bags according to your needs.

PE/EVOH-PE Doypack®
PET/PE Doypack®
PET/ALU/PE Doypack®
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