The zipper adds a closing and reusability feature to the packaging. The packaging will now be reusable and washable in all circumstances and will no longer be single use.

The ZipGrip® single track range is made from a single PE or PP material which allows the zipper to be sealed to the appropriate film.
During processing, the crushing of our closure allows a clean finish without leakage. Our zippers guarantee the best efficiency and a constant quality whatever the machine used.

Our R&D team is continuously working on the zipper range to develop new products and new features.


Easy Crush zipper

Clicky PE zipper

Classic PE Zipper

Flowpack Zipper

Crossweb PE zipper

Front Zipper

PP (Polypropylene) Zipper

Pasteurization & sterilization zipper

X-force Zipper

String Zipper

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