Flowpack machines are horizontal packing machines that use a continuous packing system to package products in bags.

The film is formed at the same time as the zipper is inserted and the product is continuously led horizontally. The film wraps up the product and forms a longitudinal seal around it. The bag is finally sealed at both ends and separated, before sliding onto a conveyor belt. The production of the bag is inseparable from the packing process.

The item to be packed must be in one piece and have enough cohesion to be able to be pulled into the film tube.

Find the zippers compatible with Flowpack machines

Single track zipper

Low temperature sealing

Zips Easy Crush

Tactile & sound effects

Clicky® zipper

Cross web application

Cross web zipper

Classical closing systeme

Classic PE zipper

High temperature resistant

Pasteurization and sterilization

Heavy duty

X-force Zipper

Multitrack zipper

Low temperature sealing

Sensogrip® Easy Crush

Mirror effect

Sensogrip® & Zippiz®

Strong internal force

Sensogrip® X-force
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