Consumers want to avoid food waste and retain all the nutritional and taste qualities of the purchased product. To prevent the flavour from fading and to ensure that the food in question retains its freshness, it is necessary to opt for perfectly adapted packaging. The freshness of a product can be affected by contact with the outside air, so the bag must act as an unbreakable hermetic barrier. In this respect, it is worth taking a closer look at the range of products we offer and determining which type of packaging meets your needs.

A packaging material that promises perfect preservation


The fresher a product is, the more its energy, taste and nutritional qualities are appreciated. This is why the packaging that contains it must act as a shield against disturbances from the outside. Light, heat and ambient air affect the quality of the product and reduce its freshness. At Flexico, we create plastic bags for all types of products and food. In the case of fresh products, certain solutions are to be preferred.
Our range includes single-material bags and complex bags. In the case of complex bags, Sensogrip and Zipgrip packaging are a good option for keeping your food fresh. Made from a mixture of several materials including PET and PE, they act as an ideal barrier to oxygen. In addition, their simple and convenient opening and closing system makes it easy to reach the desired product or food. However, these complex pouches, although very efficient, are more difficult to recycle. But as a responsible manufacturer, we are working daily to improve this aspect.
Consumers are increasingly reluctant to throw away products that have lost some of their luster. This is partly because the cost of living is becoming more expensive, and partly because it is out of the question to throw away a product while it is still consumable.
But if you want to keep a product fresh, the bags you use every day need to be easy to open and close. Flexico manufactures a number of different closure systems, always with the aim of providing an innovative and environmentally friendly range.

A closing system that guarantees a good seal

Once the choice of material or materials has been made, it is imperative to focus on the closure system to be adopted. Flexico’s range of closures is particularly well developed to meet the many expectations of consumers. The closure system is an essential element of the plastic bag: it prevents from bad smells, guarantees the freshness of the food and preserves the taste qualities of the product. Today, our company develops several types of closures (zip, slider, tin-tie, self-adhesive flap…), but it is important to note that not all closures meet the same needs.
In order to find the right closure for your packaging, it is necessary to define your needs and those of your customers:
  • How is my product consumed? In the case of fresh products, consumption is generally very fast but it can be portioned and involve several openings and closures of the bag.
  • Is my packaging easy to use?
  • How can I best preserve the taste of my product?
This preliminary step is essential to confirm your choice.
In fact, our Sensogrip and Zipgrip closures are optimal for guaranteeing product freshness because they limit exposure to air and water vapour and, consequently, alterations caused by contact with the outside.

When should I choose a Zipgrip or Sensogrip closure?


The Sensogrip bag has an intuitive closure: no need to align the two profiles on the bag to close it properly! Its multi-hook closure, the most hermetic available on the market, guarantees optimal protection of the food, even after several consecutive openings. This way, all the properties of the product are protected and preserved.
On the Zipgrip side, the “Clicky” option warns the consumer that the bag is perfectly closed. With its tactile and audible effect, this closure profile is preferred by industries that want to guarantee their customers a properly sealed pouch.
To find out more, see our different closing solutions for reclosable flexible packaging and contact us! To find out more, read our White Paper on the Reform of the Circular Economy.

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