Forming machines are used to produce pre-made bags. The main raw material is a roll of plastic film, paper or multi-layer laminate.
The film can be neutral or printed according to requirements (brand logo, instructions for use, etc.).
The function of the converting machine is to shape the film into a bag : it is folded, formed, sealed and cut according to pre-established specifications (dimensions, gussets, zips, perforations, handles, pre-cuts).

The “Converting” machine is mainly equiped with an in-line zipper application, where the zipper is inserted along the film. For front zip systems, the zipper is inserted crosswise or like cross web on the machine.

Find zippers that are compatible with converting machines

Low temperature sealing

Easy Crush zipper

Tactile & sound effect

Clicky® PE

Classic closure

Classic zipper PE

PP plastic closure system

PP zipper

High temperature resistance

Pasteurization & Sterilization

Narrow zipper


String zipper


X-Force zipper


Paper zipper

Paper Zip

Sealable on PP & PE layer

Zips pour films PE ou PP

Heavy duty zipper

Front Zip

Multitrack zipper

Low temperature sealable

Sensogrip® Easy Crush

Pour, dose & preserve


In-line application

Sensogrip® & Zippiz®

Heavy duty zipper

Sensogrip® Front Zip

Sealable on PP & PE layer

Sensogrip® zipper for PE and PP layer
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